Online therapy is not for everyone. Please contact the nearest emergency room, 911 or a suicide hotline if you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or you are in a life threatening situation.

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Online Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Group

Do you find yourself struggling to control your emotions?

Have you experienced a love-hate relationship with romantic partners, friends or family?

Has your sense of self been difficult to find at times- as though you are just an observer of your life?

Have you self harmed in order to cope with intense emotional pain?

If you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions you may benefit from a type of therapy called "Dialectical Behavioral Therapy".

This therapy was founded by a psychologist named Marsha Linehan.  She developed this therapy because she was suffering from the same problems listed above and was not getting better with traditional cognitive-behavioral or psychoanalytical work.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy was designed to take place in group.  Dr. Linehan believed the group was the best place to practice new skills in a safe place.  A group also affords the ability to raise your awareness of how you interact with others.

If you feel you could benefit from attending a group developed to improve distress tolerance, emotional regulation and deepen your sense of self, book a free consultation and lets discuss the first steps.

Group will be completely online with all materials provided through secure messaging. Each group will last approximately 60 minutes, twice weekly.  Cost of the group is $40 per session. The group will run for 8 weeks in duration.

You will log into group through a secure video platform with a link either emailed or texted to you.  You may utilize a computer, tablet or smart phone for the group. 

As the wait list is currently forming, the dates and times of the group have not yet been set in stone. Consideration will be given to all on the waiting list and the days and time of the group will be determined taking in to account all schedules.

As an add on service, you may also utilize a messaging subscription plan at the cost of $20 weekly. For the duration of your DBT group and for 4 weeks thereafter you may send and receive unlimited text messages to support skill use and problem solving. Secure messaging- it should be noted- is not to be used for crisis or emergency purposes.

Transparency statement on pricing: Your total cost per week if you choose to add on the texting package will be $100 weekly.  This is a full investment of $880 for 16 group sessions and 12 weeks of secure messaging.  No showing for a group or missing the 24 hour cancellation window will result in a charge of half the group rate.

Please book a free 15 minute phone consultation, call or email me if you would like to be added to the waiting list.