• LisaWatson, LICSW

New Year, Same You

With the New Year around the corner our minds can turn to the tradition of the New Year Resolution. What do we want to start doing? Stop doing? Improve?

You will likely hear the following statements and questions when talking of resolutions:

"Why wait? Just start doing it now."

"That will last all of two weeks"

"Get ready for the gym to get busy for 10 days...."

"Why bother?"

"Its my 6th year making the same resolution..."

The truth is- no matter where inspiration strikes we should seize it. If the start of 2020 gives you a bit more drive to do the thing- then use it to help you follow through and do the thing! Whether its less time staring at a screen, more money in savings, less F- bombs spoken......

The research tells us that small steps is best. My encouragement to anyone reading this is to plan out tiny increments for your change. So tiny it feels silly. Transfer $1.00 to your savings account. Walk to the mailbox and back one time per week. Get a tall instead of a grande.

It is ok to make a resolution and not succeed. Making a plan and attempting change is worthwhile no matter the outcome. We learn something about ourselves each time and that has value.

On the other hand- it is perfectly fine to decide to change nothing. To know yourself well enough that you know what you will and will not follow through on. To accept how you are living your life and give yourself permission to keep living that way.

So, New Year, New You or New Year, Same You- its for you to decide!


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