• LisaWatson, LICSW

Netflix and Heal

Emotional healing and well being can come from some pretty unexpected and easy to access places. I often encourage clients to avoid discrediting sources of therapeutic benefit without giving them a chance. Cinematherapy is an actual researched practice that many are not aware of.

Netflix has documentaries and series that can expose us to psycho-education on the way our minds and bodies work. We can even access ideas and tips on how to set proper boundaries and improve communication from an Instagram post. YouTube has thousands of videos, created by therapists that can further along your path to recovery.

The key is to use what you find. Just as in therapy, the real work and benefit comes from what you do with what you learn. We have to apply these concepts and theories to our daily lives. With all of that in mind I wanted to share a few Netflix shows to add to your watch list. (I have zero relationship with Netflix or anyone associated with the shows I recommend.)

The first is a series I just stumbled upon called, The Mind Explained. It is a short series that covers the way our brains operate in relation to emotion and memory. If you read my post on Mindfulness you can easily see why I love this series. Understanding how our brains work can be key to working on both our past trauma experiences and our current in the moment feelings and thoughts.

Likely at no surprise, my second recommendation is Brené Brown; The Call To Courage. Brené has an ability to discuss internal struggles, vulnerability and the path to healing like no other. In my own journey I have found her talks validating and encouraging.

Take a break from murder mysteries and The Office marathoning and dig into some "cinematherapy".


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