What to expect during your session

In our first 60 minute session we will discuss your unique history. This will always include your strengths, barriers and personal therapeutic goals.  Together we will create a plan and decide which model of therapy will work best to meet your needs.

In follow up sessions offered up to 45 or 60 minutes in length- we will process emotions, thoughts and practice new skills.  Depending on your goals we can stay present focused, dip our toes into the past or even keep our eyes on the future.

Follow up sessions can occur weekly, bi weekly and as therapy progresses can be spaced out further every 3-4 weeks.



Past trauma can effect us in many different ways; from nightmares & hyper-vigilance to isolating and intense fear of everyday life.

Therapy focused on the past can help change the emotional connection you have to what has happened. 

Past focused work should be done with intention and proper preparation.

We will need to be sure you are safe and secure at home and have skills to calm yourself before ever dipping our toes into the past


Focused Therapy

Feeling anxious when you walk into a crowded room?

Are you struggling to make it through the day?

Specific anxiety about your health, your kids or your work?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the gold standard for working through anxiety and depression.

The first step? Learning we are not anxious because we walked into a crowded room. We are anxious because of what we tell ourselves about that crowded room.



Unsure about your career, family planning or how to stay on track after engaging in past or present focused work?

To work on the future we must first look at any natural cycles you might go through.

We would also explore how certain behaviors and actions effect you and determine whether to let them go or increase them if they improve your mood.

After making a plan to jump over barriers and work through set backs you will be well on your way.

Online therapy is not for everyone. Please contact the nearest emergency room, 911 or a suicide hotline if you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or you are in a life threatening situation.

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