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Relationship Work

No two relationships are the same. From open and poly relationships to monogamy, same sex, opposite sex and non-sexual partnerships..... every relationship dynamic can run into conflict and every relationship deserves to have someone help them through.

If you are needing a non-judgemental space to explore and manage the stressors in your relationship, no matter its shape or size- reach out and lets see if my style is a good fit for your needs.

Important Considerations

Video based therapy is not for everyone or every couple.


If you are feeling coerced in your relationship, if any part of your experience is non-consensual and absolutely if you are experiencing any form of abuse- please reach out to a domestic violence hotline, shelter or your local police department.


Training and Experience

My formal training for relationship work is  in the Gottman Method.  This model was built on the most extensive research into relationships this century.  It takes into account personal and relational needs, recovery from affairs and of course the all too important healthy communication factor.

I have engaged in training with Ryan Sallans renown speaker and advocate for the LGBTQ community.  This training provided exposure to the unique path that the LGBTQ community must navigate in ALL of their relationships.

For those in long distance or relationships in which one partner is geographically separated for periods of time or couples in which travel and distance happen frequently by nature of your lifestyle- my experience is personal. 

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