About Me


Lisa Watson, LICSW

I am a therapist who values research based therapy.  We should be doing work together that has support for its effectiveness. I am also a realist- I know that the number one indicator for YOU getting better is that you feel comfortable with and actually like ME. This is why having a little contact on the phone, via email or even just through text can help you decide if I am the right therapist for you.

I jumped right into this business from high school by joining the Air Force.  From psychiatric technician, to alcohol & drug counselor and onto clinical social worker- I have worked in all levels of care. All throughout, my style has remained unchanged.  I like humor. I like reminding my clients of the basics (breathe, challenge that thought, don't text back).  Most of all, I have held firm to the idea that you can get better- however, you HAVE to take therapy out of the session. The real work is what you do with what we have processed, what skills we have practiced, all those new insights and perspectives need to be brought out into your everyday life.

I am a mom- my very favorite role.  I am a female in her late thirties who leans more liberal.  I have had my own journey through post postpartum depression and panic. I used to favor control and jealousy and now lean into the gray of life and value my own self worth.  You could be almost anywhere, in the trees, the city or on a mountain peak- if you have a signal, we have a connection!  Reach out if you think I could be the one to help you though your own journey.

Cabin by the Lake
City view
Mountains and Glaciers