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 The good news? Therapy works.  The bad news? Depression and anxiety prevent therapy attendance.

Unable to pull yourself out of bed or out of the house-  I'll meet you right where you are. Now more than ever, the safest option is to stay home.  

I offer online counseling services to anyone within Washington, Florida, Hawaii & Colorado


Are you tired, unmotivated, wondering when things will get better, or if you would even enjoy it if it did?

Have you been struggling with healing from the past? Suffering with nightmares and flashbacks?

Are you on edge, worried, feeling as though the anxiety will develop into panic?

Lets have a phone or video chat and explore how we can get you feeling more present, in control and comfortable.



Email, Text or Call

Contact is for questions related to services. If you are in a crisis please contact 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.


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